I am Pollen

The inside of a grain of pollen is an awe-inspiring thought; his work offers a view from within.

Thinking the planet is here ‘for us’, humans have drawn and seized from nature as if it were a human resource with little consideration of the needs or wants of all the non-human life forms. Our utilitarian viewpoint has eclipsed empathy and consideration for other perspectives.

I am Pollen - Profile view by Kassandra Bossell 2016 Forton 80 x 40 x 60cm
I am Pollen - Profile view,  2016,  Forton,  80 x 40 x 60cm
I am Pollen - plan view by Kassandra Bossell 2016 Forton 80 x 40 x 60cm
I am Pollen - plan view,  2016,  Forton,  80 x 40 x 60cm

If I were a grain of pollen, what would I need and want from life on earth?

‘My waxy spikey surface wall protects my sperm from the sun and wind while I move from the anther to the stigma of flowering plants.

When one of the bee mob carries me to another flower and I land on the right pistil or female cone, I will germinate – transform into a pollen tube and shoot my 2 sperm cells to her ovule, home of the revered female gametophyte.

I am Pollen 1.K.Bossell.2016.Forton, 80 x 40 x 60cm
I am Pollen,  2016,  forton,  80 x 40 x 60cm

Sometimes one of us just hops over to mother flower’s stigma and ‘self- pollinates’.

We pollen grains have insect loving mother plants. Sometimes we are eaten by insects and mites (palnivores) who fly into our flower and just gobble us up!’