‘I enjoy the process of making sculpture. It often takes me on a journey of scientific and imaginative exploration which makes my research of a subject more rigorous, informing my approach and always revealing a wider perspective in retrospect’.
Kassandra Bossell 2020

Bossell’s sculptural work combines science and art to contemplate the interdependence of evolution in a multi- species focus. In as much as she explores living systems as artistic subjects, her work is aligned with Bioart, but her works indicate past or ongoing living processes rather than literally spawning them. In keeping with her respect for micro- and macro-biota, her materials and processes are non-toxic and biodegradable.

The materials Bossell uses are carefully selected for their relevance to the subject matter; a fascination with interdependence and evolution often draws her to materials that undergo a change of state. She works in a wide range of mediums including clay, ceramic, latex, Forton MG, silicon, wax, feathers, bamboo, rare timbers, aluminium, fabrics, water bottles and found deceased biological species.