Mycorhizal Connections

Mychorizzal Connections by Kassandra Bossell 2022 Wax and carbon on wood 2200 x 2200mm
Mychorizzal Connections,  2022,  Wax and carbon on wood,  2200 x 2200mm

Arboreal Narratives 2022 at the Bankstown Art Centre

This exhibition honours trees and acknowledges their value across cultures through the work of two First Nation artists, Blak Douglas and Badger Bates, and 10 artists from the Tree Veneration Society.
Tree Veneration Society artists: Amanda Farquharson, Hobart Hughes, Jean Bourke, Jude Fowler-Smith, Kassandra Bossell, Liz Perfect, Louise Fowler-Smith, Miho Watanabe, Paula Broom, Rachel Carroll
The Tree Veneration Society is a contemporary eco-arts collective with a focus on trees, their ecosystems and human interactions with them.

Tree Veneration Society

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