Upcoming courses taught by Kassandra in 2020

Sculpture: Mould Making course at Sydney Community College

Learn clay sculpture techniques and mould-making processes and create your own masterpieces!! In this course, you will work on your own project at your own pace. You’ll take home clay techniques in hand building, slab building and clay modelling.

You may choose to create one-off pieces for kiln firing or to create multiples through mould making processes. Moulds can be made of clay, latex or silicon, with plaster mother moulds, depending on the desired casting material.

Sculpture: Figure Sculpting course at Sydney Community College

This figure-sculpting course is a life-modelling class designed for both beginning and advanced students interested in the human figure as a subject of art.

Sculpting directly in clay and working from a model, you will study the body’s three-dimensional form with emphasis placed on the fundamental sculptural principles of proportion, volume and movement.

In this course, you will learn about materials, images, discuss sculpting and undertake warm-up exercises with clay. Using various clay modelling techniques, you will revolve around the model, sculpting from each new view. We will look at composition angles and volumes, structural integrity, contour, gesture, flow and weight.